Friday, October 28, 2016

Hillary's Scandals Come To India

Hillary's scandals have been rocking the press here in the United States, but she also has some explaining to do in India. Namely, Hillary worked to falsely accuse the Prime Minister of India of genocide, the Clinton's "America India Foundation" stole more than $50 mil form Gujarat earthquake victims, and Hillary herself was shown to be in bed with DOW Chemical in avoiding compensation to the victims of the 1984 Bhopal gas leak tragedy. 


Clinton Tries To Frame The Prime Minister Of India For Genocide 

In 2002, when the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, was the Minister of Gujarat state, a mob of more than 30 Muslims set fire to a train full of Hindu pilgrims, including women and children, killing 59 people. Due to the heinousness of the act, and because it was a targeted attack on Hindus, spontaneous riots broke out across the state of Gujarat, leaving more than 1,000 Muslims dead. Many tried to accuse Narendra Modi of orchestrating these riots against Muslims, however a Special Investigation Team (SIT) found no evidence against Modi and no court in India would take the case. Hillary Clinton herself tried to get Modi convicted of genocide, but even after enlisting several NGO's to look for evidence of mass Muslim graves, all she was able to come up with were piles of old buffalo bones! No investigative team, inside or outside of India, was able to find evidence that Modi planned a genocide against the Muslims of his state, because he didn't. These were spontaneous riots created by Muslims who decided to burn a train full of mothers and babies. However, Hillary Clinton's bias against Modi was obvious from the very start, she did not take an "innocent until proven guilty" stance, no, she actually developed what she called her "Get Modi" plan where she personally supervised the acquisition of extensive amounts of US tax dollars to find any evidence which could possibly be used against the Prime Minister. Many believe that Hillary wanted to take down Modi because she thought he would not cooperate with her international agendas... but maybe it had something to do with the fact that the Clintons began stealing more than $50 million dollars from Earthquake victims in the state of Gujarat only a year earlier? 

SEE: Asian Tribune, Secretary Clinton's 'Get Modi' Policy holds disastrous to US under Modi regime


Clintons Steals $50 Mil From Earthquake Victims

In 2001, a deadly earthquake hit the Indian state of Gujarat, killing 20,000 people and injuring more than 160,000. Bill Clinton set up the "America India Foundation" to raise funds, pledging to rebuild 100 villages. Over the next decade, only 7 villages were partially rebuilt and $2.7 million given to earthquake victims, meanwhile another $53 million dollars went to unrelated Clinton projects such as "accelerating social change". Additionally, AIF's top officers gave over $13 million to the Clinton foundation and donated to Hillary Clinton's political campaigns.  Apprised of Clinton’s actions with AIF, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, the Tennessee Republican who is vice chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee — which also investigated the Red Cross scandal —  said that AIF’s actions should be referred to the Federal Trade Commission because “we must be consistent in how we deal with sham charities.” The AIF stated to the IRS when it sought tax exempt status that it was a genuine disaster relief organization: “The American India Foundation was formed to render financial and managerial assistance to the disaster relief and rehabilitation effort in India following the Gujarat earthquake” but “If this organization raised money for earthquake victims in the villages, but used the money on other purposes that was unrelated to those victims, it’s not a good practice.” Sant Singh Chatwal, an AIF trustee, pleaded guilty in 2014 to funneling more than $180,000 in illegal contributions to candidates for federal office, including Hillary. 

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Hillary In Bed With DOW Chemical On Bhopal Tragedy 

In 1984 a gas leak in Bhopal India led to the deaths of 8,000 rural Indians. Dow Chemical bought the faulty pesticide plant from Union Carbide in 2001. But activists and some Indian politicians wanted Dow to be held responsible for the tragedy. DOW CEO, Andrew Liveris, hoped to limit the company’s exposure. Leaked emails show that Doug Band, Bill Clinton’s former body man and a Clinton Foundation adviser, reached out to Hillary Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedin, to inquire on Liveris’ behalf about a letter Liveris had given Hillary in 2010, which was intended for Manmohan Singh, India’s prime minister at the time. The letter concerned the Bhopal incident, and Doug Band requested Huma Abedin to have Hillary Clinton "show him (Liveris) love". 

At the same time that Band was leaning on Hillary Clinton via Abedin, he was in the final stages of creating Teneo Holdings, a consulting firm that would later have Dow Chemical as a client and former President Clinton as an “honorary chairman.” Dow has donated heavily to various Clinton Foundation projects. In 2007, the company guaranteed $30 million in loans through the Clinton Global Initiative to build water systems in India. And in 2011, Dow’s charity donated $5.2 million to the Clinton Global Initiative to help develop a science and technology learning program for young girls. 

Dow paid even more money to Teneo than it did to the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative. And it is the Clintons’ relationship with the consulting firm that padded the former first family’s pockets. Reuters reported last year that Dow paid Teneo $2.8 million in 2011 and another $16 million in 2012. During that same time period, Bill Clinton was set to be paid $3.5 million as honorary chairman at Teneo, which Doug Band co-founded with Declan Kelly, a former Hillary Clinton campaign financier and State Department appointee. Huma Abedin, who is now vice chair of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, also pulled double duty. She was hired by Teneo in 2012, while still at State and while she held a position at the Clinton Foundation.

It is unclear if Clinton ended up passing Liveris’ letter forward or if she intervened on Dow’s behalf on the matter in any other way. While the State Department and Obama administration did not publicly intervene on Dow Chemical’s behalf in the Bhopal issue, no action was taken by the United States to punish the company or to help out Indian activists who wanted resolution in the case. The emails provide a glimpse into the Clinton’s “sleazy world of high-level access and influence,” says Tim Edwards, a spokesman for the International Campaign for Justice for Bhopal. “For twelve years Dow Chemical CEO Liveris has acted to prevent survivors of Union Carbide’s 1984 gas disaster in Bhopal, India — some of the poorest people on the planet — obtaining adequate medical care, compensation and justice from his company,” Edwards told TheDC. “Payments by Dow to the Clinton’s Global Initiative appear to have persuaded both Bill and Hilary Clinton to take a supporting role in Liveris’ deplorable work,” he added.

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Why many Caribbean-American Hindus are supporting Trump

     In all my life in United States I have historically been a democrat to heart but, sometimes change comes in the most unexpected ways. That change may be difficult and it may be tougher to digest when it seems to flow against the traditions we have settled ourselves into. However we were not sworn in as Democrats or Republicans on taking the oath, we were sworn in as citizens of the United States and so we must think of her interests first before our respective parties. We must also think what will benefit us as a community, a Hindu community who hail from the Caribbean or West Indies region.

     The Republicans party has always been projected by the opposition to be the conservative set who are against the interests of minorities but, a check back in history presents us with the narrative that it was Republicans like Abraham Lincoln who freed slaves and many times set this country on the right path it was meant for. The time has come when we have to think of America’s economic and political interest and safety and if that includes considering the Republican candidate Trump then we must consider it thoroughly.

     Donald J. Trump is a New Yorker like many of us and he knows business, also like many of us he has risen to the top of his game and yes he had some business anomalies but which of us have not been through this? Being from an Indian Hindu Caribbean background, given our community’s penchant for business we are quite aware of the ups and downs of business. But overall he has been successful. He just might be able to bring America back from economic meltdown.

     Hindus represent a minority group here in the U.S.A. but the Hindu American community is one of the most well off economically in the U.S. bringing in way above the average American income, having the highest number of entrepreneurs and the highest education levels. We are successful people and we are hardworking people, all traits that are highly prized within the Republican Party. It is time we step out of the shadows of the usual stigma associated with being a minority group and be recognized by the greater American political spectrum. A step into the Republican spotlight will bring recognition to Hindus and hence Caribbean Hindus especially from Trinidad and Guyana.

We need to stop being just followers as a community we need to learn to be bold and to lead. Instead of running from the Republican Party as the media tells us let us be bold, let us help change it, evolve it and this election we Hindus can enter into the history books. Let us show that our vote matters. Under the current administration Hindus have begged many times for Diwali to be recognized as a holiday in New York by the same people who expect our vote this general election. We were blatantly told no that the school calendar has no more extra days left to include us. Let us go to those who are giving us respect and recognition, time for some change and maybe that change will be better for us, but we won’t know if we don’t at least consider Trump.

     Trump is holding a rally in New Jersey in October to address the Hindu community. He will also be talking about the genocide, exodus and persecution of Hindus going on in South Asia. As Caribbean Hindus many of us have been isolated from information about the situation of Hindus in other countries where they are facing genocide and persecution and are refugees because of their Hindu religion. Since the media doesn’t cover Hindu genocide, many of us want to help refugees, little do we know members of our community as refugees themselves. Trump is the only major political American candidate who is willing and brave enough to reach out to us. We should consider reaching out to him. He has our interests in mind.

Other Hindu organizations are also endorsing Trump including Republican Hindu Coalition, Indian American Intellectuals Forum and Hindus for Trump, a Hindu youth campaign for Trump on Twitter and Facebook. The HRC founding member Shalabh Kumar has donated almost a million dollars to Trump’s campaign because he understands how Hindus can forge a new path and succeed even as Republicans.

Trump sees India, our ancestral home as a key U.S. ally. Mr. Kumar notes many of our Hindu values echo that of the Republican Party such as “free enterprise…and human development comes from individuals, families and communities, and not from government, which only spends taxpayers’ money without much regard for its value…self-sufficiency…we are the least dependent on government,” he also noted that, “the Democrat Party platform focuses on ethnic victimhood.”

Mr. Trump recently hailed the Hindu American community as one that, “has made fantastic contributions to world civilization and to American culture and we look forward to our shared values of free enterprise, hard work, family values and a strong American foreign policy.” We must consider those who are considering us.

Trump is fresh on the political scene. He is not a trained politician with a sweet tongue as we all know but, whatever he thinks we are guaranteed to be told upfront, he does not say one thing and do another. Many of us, like our fellow Americans are tired of the political games going on in our government that seem to serve almost every other interest beside us, the American people. At least with Trump we can expect the raw truth. For far too long Hindus have had their heads in the sciences and not the social sciences, we need to understand and engage in the political scene to safeguard our interests and not flutter in the wind as soon as the dog whistle blows.

My consideration and support for Trump is based also on everything he promises, to respect all citizens regardless of their background, not to engage the US in unnecessary wars, he will put American interests first, bring this country to greater economic success and work with allies who have America’s best interest and the safety of the democratic world.

Vassan Ramracha.
A Caribbean-American Hindu
Writer and Activist 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Anti-Trump/Anti-Hindu activists defame Hindu Holidays, side with Islamist Tyranny

Saturday, Oct 15th, 2016 - A crowd of nearly 10,000 Hindus assembled to hear Donald Trump speak at the Republican Hindu Coalition rally in Edison, New Jersey.  Donald Trump let the Hindus of American know that under his presidency they would have a friend in the White House and that he would make the USA and India "best friends".  


However the rally was attended by a leftist protest group known as the "Alliance for Justice and Accountability" (AJA), many of the members being students of the City University of New York (CUNY). The main purpose of the AJA is to demonize Hinduism as being inherently caste based, and also to promote the proven false claim that the current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, conducted a genocide against Muslims in his home state of Gujarat.  But the group has also taken a special interest in defaming and spreading false information about the Hindu holiday of Diwali, specifically claiming that Diwali is a holiday that celebrates genocide. 


In 2002, when Modi was the Minister of Gujarat state, a mob of more than 30 Muslims set fire to a train full of Hindu pilgrims, including women and children, killing 59 people. Due to the heinousness of the act, and because it was a targeted attack on Hindus, spontaneous riots broke out across the state of Gujarat, leaving more than 1,000 Muslims dead. Many tried to accuse Narendra Modi of orchestrating these riots against Muslims, however a Special Investigation Team (SIT) found no evidence against Modi and no court in India would take the case. Hillary Clinton herself tried to get Modi convicted of genocide, but even after enlisting several NGO's to look for evidence of mass Muslim graves, all she was able to come up with were piles of old buffalo bones! No investigative team, inside or outside of India, was able to find evidence that Modi planned a genocide against the Muslims of his state, because he didn't. These were spontaneous riots created by Muslims who decided to burn a train full of mothers and babies.


(of Pakistan)

One AJA group members, Thenmozhi Soundararajan, spoke to the Gurdian News at the Hindus For Trump event in New Jersey and made it clear that the group sides with the Islamist tyranny of Pakistan against secular and democratic India. Referring to the nearly 100,000 Hindus who have been cleansed from the district of Kashmir by Pakistani backed Muslim militants since 1989, the Guardian reports: 

Soundararajan criticized how the RHC framed violence in Kashmir as a conflict that pits the aggrieved Hindu victim against Islam in a disputed territory embroiled in an ongoing struggle for self-determination.

Pakistan, the nation responsible for initiating the anti-Hindu pogroms in Kashmir, is a constitutional Islamic Republic where only a Muslim can become the President. State sponsored textbooks routinely demonize non-Muslims and non-Muslims are often the victims of the state's anti-blasphemy laws. According to a report by the Movement for Solidarity and Peace in Pakistan, nearly 1,000 non-Muslim young girls are abducted, raped and forcibly converted to Islam in Pakistan every year; these forced marriages are usually upheld by Pakistan's Islamist courts. This is the "Islam" Soundararajan is referring to in her above statement, Pakistani supported Islamism.  India on the other hand is of course a non-religious democracy where anyone can become president and there is no state sponsored oppression of any religion. 


Besides being a friend of Pakistani Islamism, Thenmozhi Soundararajan is also a self-proclaimed "Dalit" or "untouchable".  She goes by the name "Dalit Diva" on twitter. The Vedas never prescribe any "caste system", and there is certainly no such word as "Dalit" in the Vedas, however, at some times and in some places in Hinduism, there has been the erection of caste systems which were discriminatory.  The caste system in Hinduism can be analogized to the "Curse of Ham" in Christianity.  During certain periods of Christian history, it was taught that black skin was a curse from god upon the descendants of a villainous biblical character named Ham, however the curse of Ham is not found in the bible and is a superfluous doctrine which arose during certain periods of time in Christian history. The same is true with the caste system, there is no law of caste in the Vedas, just as there are no dogmas in the decentralized and pluralistic faith of Hinduism.  With our many holy books and disparate gurus, Hindus are free to choose their own theological path and many today have completely abandoning the caste system out of free choice. Thenmozhi Soundararajan calls herself a "Dalit" by choice, no Hindu at the Trump event or in America would give her this label, nor would many Hindus living in India. 

If Thenmozhi Soundararajan were simply drawing attention to the discriminatory doctrine of caste and making arguments for why it should be abandoned, she would find no opposition among most Hindus. But that is not Thenmozhi Soundararajan's agenda, her agenda is to promote a false racialization of Hinduism and defame Hindu holidays as being celebrations for genocide. In her statement to the guardian, the "Dalit Diva" says:

Soundararajan said the event’s celebration of Diwali suggested that attendees were mostly upper caste, thus excluding South Asian communities who have been marginalized by the caste system, which places people into a hierarchy based on birth and has been used to oppress lower caste and Dalit communities in India and the diaspora.“Diwali and Dussehra are both upper-caste holidays that celebrate the death of tribals and the ascent of Aryan culture over Dravidian culture,” said Soundararajan, a Dalit American artist and activist. “In many ways Dalit communities do not celebrate this event – it’s literally about the killing of our people.”
Soundararajan's statement shows she subscribes to the fallacious "Aryan vs Dravidian" myth which states that northern Indians are "Aryans" who invaded India and imposed "Hinduism" upon the southern Indians who she refers to as "Dravidians".  However, there is one problem with Soundararajan's theory and that is DNA evidence proves there are no genetic distinctions between northern and southern Indians, all Indians today are pretty much the same ethnicity, genetically! If there were ever an "Aryan" invasion as Soundararajan claims (a disputed theory), then this Aryan race has since completely disappeared, mixed throughout India, and Soundararajan herself is just as "Aryan" and "Dravidian" as any other Indian of any caste or color (give or take 20%). 

Now if this bygone race of "Aryans" did ever exist (against a disputed theory), then they did not practice "Hinduism" but something called "Vedism", meaning they believed only the the Vedic gods. However Hinduism today is not Vedism, it is Hinduism because it is a blend of Vedic gods and tribal gods, tribal rituals and tribal practices. Many sects of Hindus, including many Shiavites, do not even recognize the Vedas as authoritative, yet they are still considered Hindus. So "Hinduism" is just as mixed "Aryan" and "Dravidian" as any Indian bloodline. 

So with this information in play, how does Soundararajan try to state that the Hindu holiday of Diwali celebrates genocide?  The Guardian article links to a resource which implied that the story of Diwali found in the Ramayana, where the Hindu hero Rama goes to the south of India to defeat the demonic king Ravana, is actually a story of northern Indian supremacy over South India.  However there is a really big hole in this accusation, and that is the fact the the writer of the story, Valmiki, was himself a Hindu from South India and also a "Dalit".  Why would a southern Indian write a narrative of south Indian inferiority?  Also, Ravana is not considered evil or bad by Hindus, he is celebrated for being a learned scholar of religion and sciences and a good ruler, he was only a bit arrogant and fell from grace by kidnapping women. Indeed, in the Ramayana, king Ravana himself obtains moksha (holy liberation) because in the end he was able to recognize his weaknesses.  Diwali celebrates this divine play, the triumph of good over evil, of wisdom over arrogance, and not some racial or ethnic cleansing. Anyone interested in learning about the story behind Diwali can watch the Ramayana in English at the link below.


So in conclusion we can say that Thenmozhi Soundararajan and her fellows as the Association for Justice and Accountability are simply manufacturing false accusation against Modi and against Hinduism.  Thenmozhi Soundararajan is a "Dalit" because she wants to call herself that, even though genetically she is closely related to every other Indian Hindu on earth, and many Hindus would never categorize her or themselves as any caste whatsoever... just as Hindus, period. As for Soundararajan's claim that Diwali celebrates south Indian genocide, well she will need to take that up with the south Indian poet who wrote the story, Valmiki.  In reality, the likes of Soundararajan and her ilk at AJA will have no logical explanation for their absurd theories, because they are not trying to show truth, they are simply anti-Hindu and will do anything to spread hatred of anything which does not fit their leftist narrative.