Thursday, August 27, 2020

Hindus For Trump


A strategic Hindu activists group who believes that Trump was and still is the BEST option for America, Hindus and the World. No, we're not "Trumpies" but we can also see the value a Trump presidency has already brought to the USA, India and Hindus around the world. #HindusForTrump helped put Hindus on the map politically in America and we want to continue with this momentum for a better future for us all.  We're not going to slavishly tow the Trump or Republican line, but we also know that the Left-Islamist world alliance is right now the most pressing threat against Hindus and humanity. We are open minded but obviously we are here to play politics. 

Trump, Hindus and Ezidis unite for Nebraska elections

If you believe in this plan, all you need to do is share this article, the rest is already in the works. The Hindu-Ezidi bond is already there, it's been there since the start, what we didn't have was official support.  If we want to get we have to give, we need to be ready to put our resources out first, in Nebraska that meeting our voting and cultural resources.  Trump is president yes, but he is still vulnerable and he needs all the allies he can get. An Ezidi-Hindu voting block in the heartland is sure to get the right attention, and a helping hand in return.  Let's make history, let's get an Ezidi State in Iraq with military and trade ties to the USA and India, not to mention saving the Ezidis from extermination... which politician would not want that under their hat? (SEE MORE)


So how and why did I get started in this rather controversial movement of "Hindus For Trump"? Obviously everyone within the Hindu community, and outside of it, knows by now that the movement garnered a great deal of attention both in the USA and India. Our "Hindus For Trump" internet poster was widely circulated through major news outlets, and we were even interviewed by the New York Times. Many have credited us as being the catalyst which activated groups like the Hindu Sena to support Trump in India and the eventual endorsement of Trump by the Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC). Some loved what we did and were very supportive, others hated it and derided the movement, but everyone kept asking me... why?.... how?... and so here it is. (SEE MORE)


This Holi, many of us Hindus will likely be hanging out with our White friends who support Trump.  Like us, your White relatives are sick and tired of you and your hate mongering.  We will be making them very aware that we are extremely suspicious of these recent attacks on Hindus, and how they coincide with CNN's decision to come out with an anti-Hindu hate piece at this very critical time. There is much Narashima energy in the air these days, Whites and Browns are fed up with those who attack the pillars of secularism and democracy while at the same time get in bed with the Islamists who have built nothing but murderous and retrograde theocracies.  The evening before Holi we will be lighting bonfires to represent the burning of Holika, the witch who tried to kill Prahlada at the behest of her wicked brother Hiranyakashipu, but the next day we will celebrate the spring, new life, by throwing colors in the streets.  Just as we do in India, this Holi we will use our festivities to break down barriers of race and caste and class, and here in America we will further break down the barriers between White and Brown supporters of Trump.  This is the spring, the dawn of a new alliance, you don't control the narrative anymore, and you never will again. READ MORE


White America needs to know that the Brown Left does not represent India, they don't represent Hindus, they don't represent anyone.  The Brown Left is as treasonous here as they are in India. In America the Brown Left uses racism to divide society, in India the Brown Left uses religion to do the same, but both here and there the Brown Left is allied with Islam.  You don't need to fear the Brown Left, they are a paper tiger.  The Brown Left are hated by their own people, they have condemned millions to death, they are complicit bystanders to the rape of the future.  The Brown Left stands alone, because the Hindu has and always will resonate on higher levels.  Like our heroes Arjun and Rama, we will abandon our own race and work with anyone who is fighting for what is true and right and good in this world. You don't need to fear the Brown Left, you don't need to heed them, because now you have us.  SEE MORE


Here is what you need to understand, not that you need to come lecture us on race relations, but that the world is changing, new alliances are forming which transcend race.  The time has already arrived when whites have left the Leftists of their race behind, and browns have abandoned their Leftist racialists as well, we have done this in order to join hands with each other.  Guess what, you have no hold over us, your brown skin says nothing, your mentality is repellent, your trickery is old and played out.  Yes, millions of brown Hindus today could care less that you are about to be washed away with the tide of Islamic terrorism and tyranny, just as millions of whites could care less about the slow demise of the Leftists of their own racial community.  You cannot stop an idea whose time has arrived, ideological alliance now trumps racial alliance, especially in the face of Islamic terrorism and encroaching theocracy. Get up, get wise, get real or be gone, because that is where you are headed anyway. - SEE MORE


Hindus For Trump has shown people of every race that we as Hindus transcend ethnicity, we believe in higher ideals that unite the whole world.  If you want to blame someone for racism, blame yourselves, because it is you who are trying to lump all "Indians" together, it is you who care more about the color of the skin than the content of the character.  You are forcing a false South Asian identity and you are diluting the true spiritual expression of the "Indian" ethos which is pluralistic Hinduism, not imperialistic and insular Islam. Race means nothing, beliefs and actions means everything, that is what we are demonstrating.  What you are showing the world is that it doesn't matter how tyrannical the governmental system, it doesn't matter how barbaric the crimes, it doesn't matter what threat it poses to secularism and democracy, as long as it is brown, your defending it, because you are brown, and that is all you care about. Hinduism is a way of life, not a race, you have sold yourselves short with your racialist agenda, you will not bring us down with you. Truth Trumps Falsehood. - SEE MORE


Sunday, Dec 11th - nearly 100 Hindus rallied outside the White House to request that the outgoing Obama administration and incoming Trump administration voice for minorities who are currently being persecuted in the Islamic State of Bangladesh. They are also requesting that Bangladesh become a secular state. Due to an ever increasing ISIS contingency  in Bangladesh, non-Muslims have been experiencing an escalation in targeted violent attacks. Since late October, Islamic radicals have either vandalized or destroyed nearly 20 Hindu temples along with hundreds of Hindu homes and businesses. This year, Islamic extremists have carried out several deadly attacks against non-Muslims including the murder of elderly Hindu and Buddhist priests, the hacking to death of a Hindu tailor and a Hindu teacher, the murder of two Christians outside a prayer meeting, and the targeted slaughter of two gay rights activists. The demonstration follows similar protests held outside Trump Tower and the United Nations in November. - SEE MORE


Sunday, Nov 27th, members of the  NYC Bangladeshi Hindu community rallied at Trump Tower in Manhattan. The aim was to request that president-elect Donald Trump take public notice of the ongoing deadly persecution of non-Muslims in the Islamic State of Bangladesh. The "Save Bangladeshi Hindus" mantra, which also includes a coalition of Buddhists and Christians, is hoping to push the nation of Bangladesh to become a secular state and protect its minorities from radical Islamic terrorism as well as ISIS. The group will next rally outside the White House on Sunday, December 11th. - SEE MORE


On Friday, November 11th, dozens of Bangladeshi Hindus demonstrated outside the United Nations to oppose violence against Hindus in their homeland, and to rally the community to further support President-elect Donald Trump. The demonstrations come after a new wave of violence against minority Hindus by Islamic radicals in Bangladesh, a nation which borders India to the northeast. In the past weeks, nearly 20 Hindu temples have been vandalized or destroyed and hundreds of Hindu homes and businesses set on fire,damaged or looted. The Islamist violence is allegedly in response to a facebook post which was stated to be "offensive to Islam". Many influential members of the Bangladeshi Hindu community living in America supported Donald Trump during his campaign, hoping he would curb Islamist violence in the region (see video above). Trump reached out to the Hindu community during his campaign, stating that under his administration "Hindus will have a true friend in the White House,"  In October, Trump attended a charity event to raise funds for Bengali Hindu victims of Islamic terrorism. - SEE MORE


Hillary's scandals have been rocking the press here in the United States, but she also has some explaining to do in India. Namely, Hillary worked to falsely accuse the Prime Minister of India of genocide, the Clinton's "America India Foundation" stole more than $50 mil form Gujarat earthquake victims, and Hillary herself was shown to be in bed with DOW Chemical in avoiding compensation to the victims of the 1984 Bhopal gas leak tragedy. - SEE MORE


Trump is fresh on the political scene. He is not a trained politician with a sweet tongue as we all know but, whatever he thinks we are guaranteed to be told upfront, he does not say one thing and do another. Many of us, like our fellow Americans are tired of the political games going on in our government that seem to serve almost every other interest beside us, the American people. At least with Trump we can expect the raw truth. For far too long Hindus have had their heads in the sciences and not the social sciences, we need to understand and engage in the political scene to safeguard our interests and not flutter in the wind as soon as the dog whistle blows. - SEE MORE


So in conclusion we can say that Thenmozhi Soundararajan and her fellows as the Association for Justice and Accountability are simply manufacturing false accusation against Modi and against Hinduism.  Thenmozhi Soundararajan is a "Dalit" because she wants to call herself that, even though genetically she is closely related to every other Indian Hindu on earth, and many Hindus would never categorize her or themselves as any caste whatsoever... just as Hindus, period. As for Soundararajan's claim that Diwali celebrates south Indian genocide, well she will need to take that up with the south Indian poet who wrote the story, Valmiki.  In reality, the likes of Soundararajan and her ilk at AJA will have no logical explanation for their absurd theories, because they are not trying to show truth, they are simply anti-Hindu and will do anything to spread hatred of anything which does not fit their leftist narrative. - SEE MORE


In a mature Democracy, the right to criticize a government, leader, or group is certainly protected speech. But what many will find outright objectionable is the blatant disregard for their sacred symbols, and the complete lack of any condemnation from the media they have entrusted for fair and balanced reportage.  Ms. Bose may want to invest her time in reporting this real issue where a group deliberately misuses religious symbols. A word of heartfelt advice to Ms. Bose and the broader media fraternity is: please do not read defamation where there is none, and please do not invent stories for the sake of creating friction and divisions among the Hindu community. There are far more grave issues for you to focus on. - SEE MORE


Sources estimate that there are between 1.5 million and 2.5 million Hindus living in the USA. But is there any evidence that this growing demographic is organizing to support Trump?  Yes!  And this support is coming from some of the most influential and widely respected names within the Hindu community. - SEE MORE


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