Friday, March 4, 2016

Umm... @HuffPo, no that is NOT Lord Vishnu, It's Donald Trump

, Umm... no that is NOT Lord Vishnu, It's Donald Trump

Two days ago Huffington Post writer Adrija Bose  posted an article about #HindusForTrump insinuating that our now notorious nascent logo depicted USA presidential candidate Donald Trump as the Hindu god Vishnu, Lord of Preservation. Indeed, the title of her article is "Trump As Lord Vishnu? How Hindus In America Are Campaigning For Donald Trump".  Ms. Bose went on to make the subtle yet incendiary accusation that we had replaced our Hindu gods with Donald Trump instead:
Obviously, these intrepid 'Hindus' were not very worried about their revered deities - which include heavyweights like Brahma and VishnuSaraswati and Lakshmi - having a meltdown over Trump taking their place in the display picture.
So inflammatory and outrageous was this projection by Ms. Bose that within two days the claim that Hindus For Trump was disrespecting our Hindu gods and causing outrage could be found on literally a dozen blogs and other tabloids such as the New York Post, International Business Times, Scroll India, and the India Times. The unfounded and completely illogical claim that we were deifying Donald Trump brought rebukes and abuses to our Facebook Page and Twitter Account from every race, ethnicity, religion and political persuasion.  The utterly false and ridiculous claim even brought comment from the Hindu American Political Action Committee (HAPAC) who stated that our depiction of Donald Trump as a "Hindu Deity" was "not in good taste":

Rishi Bhutada, treasurer of the Hindu American PAC, told Diya TV “Hindus are supporting all sorts of political views. As a group, I don’t think they are supporting one candidate.” When asked about the deification of Trump in the poster by ‘Hindus for America’, Bhutada called the group “overly enthusiastic” and said “it’s probably not in good taste to cast a Presidential candidate in the same pose as a Hindu deity.”


There was absolutely no valid reason to equate our nascent logo depicting Donald Trump sitting in a lotus position (padmāsana) BEHIND a lotus to his supposed deification as Vishnu. First and foremost, while Hindu iconography often depicts almost any god or non-god sitting upon a lotus, Lord Vishnu is most often imaged sitting upon his mount, the god-snake Shesha. And while yes, Hindu deities and revered humans are often seen sitting in the padmāsana pose UPON a lotus, once again please take a look at the nascent logo and see that Donald Trump is most definitely BEHIND the red, white and blue lotus.  Verily, view carefully enough and you will see that it is Donald Trump who is in the pupil position here, hopefully eventually to be enlightened by the American Hindu influence. Please note, we are "HINDUS for Trump", not "TRUMP for Hindus"... the direction of energy flow is from us to him and not the other way around... Trump is in no way depicted as a god here. 


Ms. Bose also seemed to find our (again nascent) logo "strange"... as if this combination of lotus and politician was somehow unprecedented.  The current logo of the ruling party of India, the Bharatiya Janata Party, is that of a lotus.  The party leader and current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, a man who Donald Trump says brings "optimism" to India, is often shown sitting in or popping out of a lotus in party member iconography and promotional materials. However very few if any would ever claim that Modi's supporters are depicting him as Lord Vishnu!  


If Ms. Bose and her Huffpo affiliates are really so interested in reporting on the defamation of Hindu gods, they need not manufacture false allegations against us, they can very easily find genuine malicious intent in Bollywood.  The 2014 Bollywood flick "PK" depicts a scene of the Hindu god Shiva using a public bathroom and being mildly assaulted by the movie's main "protagonist" (played by Muslim actor Aamir Khan) whose character is mocking and disrespectful to Hindu gurus. Ms. Bose can also look into Indian Muslim artist M. F. Husain who paints Hindu gods in the nude but has never depicted the Muslim god Allah in the same compromising position. Here is a real assault on our Hindu deities that can be reported on, not some typical lotus/politician montage.


Ms. Bose and her media colleagues must stop with their nefarious agenda of dividing Hindus. Fortunately for them, they need not go far to report on real defamation of Hindu iconography. The anti-Hindu Awaaz Network splashed an image of Narendra Modi wielding a sword, with an Om turning into a Nazi Swastika across the British Parliament during Modi’s U.K. visit. Where was this media’s subtle inflammatory insinuation? Where was the expertly tailored denunciation? Instead of putting forth a forceful condemnation of the flagrant disrespect of Hindu symbols, the Scroll and its English language affiliates in India and abroad, used this rank action to further malign Hindu organizations and Modi.

In a mature Democracy, the right to criticize a government, leader, or group is certainly protected speech. But what many will find outright objectionable is the blatant disregard for their sacred symbols, and the complete lack of any condemnation from the media they have entrusted for fair and balanced reportage.  Ms. Bose may want to invest her time in reporting this real issue where a group deliberately misuses religious symbols. A word of heartfelt advice to Ms. Bose and the broader media fraternity is: please do not read defamation where there is none, and please do not invent stories for the sake of creating friction and divisions among the Hindu community. There are far more grave issues for you to focus on.

Perhaps Ms. Bose and Huffpo can correct their article and remove these false allegation against us.




  1. As a Hindu, I am ashamed in you people who support such a horrible man. Have some class.

  2. As a Hindu, I am ashamed in you people who support such a horrible man. Have some class.

  3. Heads up, folks...

    The ONLY reason ignorant Indians are voting for Trump is because he pledges to do something about the Muslim problem. I agree, the cult of Islam is a very serious problem that must be dealt with ASAP. Problem is, he suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Secondly, he is one of the latest white boys who wants to erect a tall wall along the border with México, and he believes that his rights trumps those of the Native Americans who were here FIRST. Who is he to tell the Native Americans where they can and can't travel in their own lands?? That would be like the Muslims doing the same thing in the north, pushing the Pandits out. AND... Did you know that on the domestic employment front, he considers YOU to be the source of the problem, taking away hi-tech jobs from Americans?? Have you seen the behavior of his goondas at his conventions and heard the things they say?? My friend has it that if he wins the election, he will give me a plane ticket to evacuate so that I don't get myself killed in a gunfight with one of these followers when things go south. Just watch...

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