Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Why CNN and the White Left hate Hindus


Have any of you heard of the outrage going on in the American Hindu community over CNN's "believer" series which, now at this most convenient time, has mocked and degraded Hindus and Hinduism? Yes, right now, as Hindus are mysteriously all of a sudden the victims of anonymous violence, and the white Left are trying to fearmonger our community into turning on Trump and his white supporters, yes now is when the white Leftist media at CNN decides to air stereotypical anti-Hindu propaganda.  To make matters worse, not only is CNN degrading and bashing Hindus and Hinduism for all to see, they put a brown Muslim up there to do it.  We can tell you right now that many Hindus are very suspicious, many of us worked very hard to get Trump elected, and now all of a sudden their is a spike in anonymous violence against us and CNN is normalizing Hinduphobia, very odd coincidence.  


So what is all the fuss about?  Why do Hindus feel slighted by CNN's believer series on Hinduism, which is hosted by the brown Muslim Reza Aslan?  The segment features the Aghori, a small sect of ascetic Shaivites (Shiva worshipers) who are famous for inhabiting cremation grounds and engaging in outrageous yet harmless behavior such as sometimes eating the flesh of dead bodies or ingesting their own excrement. The point of the Aghoris are to be a challenge to normative society, they mock the prevailing social customs to help us Hindus question ourselves, our ideas and our civilization. Just as some of the most visionary political and artistic movements in the West were born in the drug and orgy dens of Europe's bohemian renegades, so too Hindu society also has its acceptable outcasts, those who break tradition, and in doing so give us new ideas which help the society survive. When these social experimenters are White Leftists then it is fine, if they are Brown Hindus, it's an exotic mockery. 


It is certain that many of the White Leftist, 1960s holdouts who are currently operating CNN, in their hippie youth were dropping acid, sleeping with men women and maybe even animals, were running around on stage naked and perhaps even throwing shit at each others as some form of art.  Yes, you decrepit old White Leftists engaged in the most obscene and heinous activities of debauchery in your day, but why?  You did this to break your minds free of the prevailing conservatism of your day, you felt cramped, something inside you felt like you needed to break free from tradition, to experiment, to shock, to do something to open the way for a new path, and Hindus never blamed you for this.  Was everything you did in the 1960s and 1970s so good or healthy for society?  How many of you gave birth to drug babies, how many of you died of AIDS, how many youth were dehumanized by some of your more extreme forms of art?  Yes, you made mistakes in your struggle to find a new way, but you will never allow Hindus to do the same. Obviously you understand they stereotype of the "Ugly White Leftist Hypocrite". 


So here you are now, the reigning White Leftists, at the end of your tenure, used up, washed up and bitter because the teachings of your Marx inspired gurus didn't transform America into the paradise you were expecting, so what have you done?  You became the establishment, the White Leftists are the ideological face of the media (even if you don't always own it), you are the front face of the education system (even if you don't always run it), you are the think tanks behind today's entertainment industry (even if you don't always produce it).  Like an old painted opium whore, you sit in the shadows with your resentment, whispering your spells of decay and decline over the new youth, whom you have ensured will never be as bright or creative or adventurous as you were.  But why do you need to attack Hindus, why do you need to single us out?  Because you resent our success and the dynamism of our religion. 


Yes, you single us out, and every upright Brown Hindu perceives this with extreme sensitivity. Would CNN and the White Left ever produce a miniseries on the barbaric exploits of the Prophet Muhammad?  Would you ever go into the backwaters of Pakistan or Bangladesh and try to understand how Muhammad's recorded life of slavery, of rape, of iconoclasm, of degradation of the "pagan" has led to the anti-Hindu and anti-secular violence which are the prevailing motifs of these Muslim societies?  No, you don't even listen to Brown Muslims and Islamic governments themselves when they explain in plain language that they kill, that they enslave, that they rape and they destroy because they are following the path of Muhammad, no with the Muslim you always have your own convenient and rectifying explanation. In fact, on this matter the White Left engages in whole scale supremacist negationism, people are only following Islam if YOU believe they are following Islam... and who or earth are you? Unlike what you have presented with Reza Aslan in the "believer" series, you would never portray Islamic practices as bizarre or frighting, you would never do this because first you are scared of retaliation and second because on some level you resonate with Islam over Hinduism. 


But why do you hate the Hindu?  Because you wanted freedom and enlightenment, but you followed your sickly and insane White Prophet Karl Marx and his philosophical bastards.  You wanted paradise on earth, but all you are now is chewed up and spit out, your hopes have crumbled with the failed states of Russia and Cuba and Venezuela.  Your souls have been ossified in hard atheism, they are stuck forever in the cycle of dialectic materialism.  Here is why you hate Hindus, because your intellect can detect that over all our many gods and goddesses there transcends a rational non-theism, a conscientiousness that forces above our ability to define, these maneuver and sway society and individuals.  You wanted this power, you wanted our secular religion of "the force", but your Prophets were too concrete, too self-embodied and too fearful to present the abstract.  Like you we believe in the cyclical nature of reality, and evolution, but unlike you we did not trap our vision, we did not enslave it to our own personal egos, we did not command the cycle to deliver us to the Worker State! You hate us because we did not fall into the same trap as you did, despite the many possibilities of the formed we knew to always elevate first the formless, but you elevated the formed of your limited consciousness. Your vision of the future did not pan out, so now you think you are going to take it out on us. 


So what did you do, how did you decide to take revenge on the Hindus, because we supported Trump, because we dared to look beyond the current moment and mold our own future; how did your ugly White Leftist minds plot to undermine us?  Of course your not going to focus on the myriads of accomplishments of Hindu civilization, your not going to show the wonder of our ancient architecture, your not going to tell the story of how the invading Muslim armies burnt down our world renowned libraries and universities, your not going to show the world our groundbreaking advances in medicine and mathematics, your not going to explain how British colonialism led to many of the economic and social ills India faces today, your not going to highlight India's reviving Hindu middle class, your not going to garner sympathy for the Hindu by memorializing the 80 million who were murdered in Muslim pogroms, your not going to give us the respect we are due for influencing many of the world's most famous philosophers and scientists, your not going to give us the credit we are due for bringing yoga and meditation to the world, no you are not going to do any of this because right now you need to smear us for daring to buck your busted soulless asses. 


Rather than ever highlight our great accomplishments or our victimhood, you try and sadly fail to use one of our more eccentric but necessary traditions against us, and you send out one of your Brown Muslim lackeys to do it.  Reza Aslan sat like a foppish twit on the shores of  Vanarsi and acted like a snooty, pathetic, wilted hothouse flower as he surreptitiously mocked and degraded the Aghori men. We were so happy to watch our brothers who protect the margins of our society as they joked that if Aslan didn't shut his impish wimpy mouth that they would cut his head off, which we all know they would never do! Thank the gods we have these irreverent Hindu Social Justice Warriors (H-SJWs) to keep you over civilized and yeasty hatemongers in your place, and that includes your limp-wristed house Muslims. Our Aghori would outdo your Ozzy Osbourne and your KISS any day of the week, not matter how many live animals they eat on stage, no matter how much of their shit they throw in your mouths, so swallow that too while you are at it. You are are nothing but a pack of weak and pathetic haters. 


Here is what the pasty faced White Leftists who run CNN and Huffington Post need to know, the American Hindu community is VERY suspicious of the fact that all of a sudden there is an alarming rise in hate crimes against us, especially since the White population is acutely aware of the fact that Hindus supported Trump in significant numbers.  Unlike you, we attend White Trump rallies, and everyone knows that Trump came to a Hindu event in New Jersey and proclaimed that he would be the best friend of Hindus in the White House.  You wouldn't know this, because you pale ghosts only show up when it is time to malign us, but we Hindus have been joining majority White anti-Islamic Terrorism rallies for year. Yes, unbeknownst to you we have become a valuable addition to the anti-Leftists/anti-Islamists activist landscape.  Yes, White Trump supporters love the fact that we come with inside knowledge of the enemy and can articulate our history of oppression, we give the fight deeper meaning and context.  Everyone is suspicious of this recent spate of attacks, and you White Leftists are the ones coming to everyone's minds. We suspect you because we suspect our own Brown Leftists who play these kinds of games in India. 


And that brings us to the last reason why you hate us, why you seek to dehumanize and humiliate us, why you are trying to divide us from White America who has already begun to accept us.  You hate us because despite all the oppression and genocide and slavery we have suffered under Islamic and British Colonialism, we have still managed to rise to the occasion and become one the world's most educated and economically successful people on earth.  Here is something that every Brown person knows, Hindu and non-Hindu alike; you dying race of White Leftists want pets, you want damaged Brown people with no hope so that you can be their "champion" and mold them, you want Brown people to be the children you never had or who have abandoned you or who are now destroyed by the ugly druggy lazy culture you have inspired.  You love Brown Muslims like Reza Aslan because you know that Muslims need a crutch, they can't build their own vibrant secular democracies, they are abused slaves, they are needy, you want needy Brown people who will eat out of your wrinkly bloodstained hands.  The Hindu will never bow to you, we are more educated and more industrious than you could ever care to be, and that is why you hate us so much. 


Let's end this on a good note.  You ignorant bigots probably don't know this, but on March 13th we Hindus will be celebrating our spring festival of Holi. The message of Holi is apropos to this current situation.  According to our histories, there was once an evil king named Hiranyakashipu, he was evil because, just like you White Leftists, he could not see any power above his own stupid ego, he expected all of humanity to worship him as supreme.  Now this White Leftist prototype, Hiranyakashipu, he had a son named Prahlada who represents we Hindus very well, he was wise enough to know his father's ego was not all encompassing, and so Prahlada worshiped the power of preservation personified as Lord Vishnu as supreme above his father. Like you White Leftists, king Hiranyakashipu was very arrogant and murderous and duplicitous, and so he hatched a plan to kill his own son.  Just as you White Leftists have your Brown Muslim servants, Hiranyakashipu had his witch sister Holika, and the two devised a plan to kill Prahlada. Holika lured Prahlada onto a funeral pyre which she planned to set on fire.  Like your Brown Muslim co-conspirators, Holika thought that she was safe from the flames of her stupid and ugly hatred because she was wearing a magical cloak which she thought would preserve her from the flames. But the power of preservation, Lord Vishnu, he protected Prahlad and burnt "Holika" alive. Then there was Holika's task master to deal with.  Seeing that his plans had failed, king Hiranyakashipu tried to attack and kill Prahlada, but all of a sudden Vishnu burst out of a pillar in the form of Narashima (a man-lion) and ripped Hiranyakashipu  limb from limb. 


This Holi, many of us Hindus will likely be hanging out with our White friends who support Trump.  Like us, your White relatives are sick and tired of you and your hate mongering.  We will be making them very aware that we are extremely suspicious of these recent attacks on Hindus, and how they coincide with CNN's decision to come out with an anti-Hindu hate piece at this very critical time. There is much Narashima energy in the air these days, Whites and Browns are fed up with those who attack the pillars of secularism and democracy while at the same time get in bed with the Islamists who have built nothing but murderous and retrograde theocracies.  The evening before Holi we will be lighting bonfires to represent the burning of Holika, the witch who tried to kill Prahlada at the behest of her wicked brother Hiranyakashipu, but the next day we will celebrate the spring, new life, by throwing colors in the streets.  Just as we do in India, this Holi we will use our festivities to break down barriers of race and caste and class, and here in America we will further break down the barriers between White and Brown supporters of Trump.  This is the spring, the dawn of a new alliance, you don't control the narrative anymore, and you never will again. 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

What White America needs to know about the Brown Left


A very suspicious shooting has taken place in the state of Washington which has once again brought "Hindus For Trump" into the spotlight. On Friday evening, a Sikh (a minority religion from India) was allegedly shot in the arm, in the middle of his driveway, by a "masked white man" who screamed "go back to your own country". We are very glad that the victim has survived and we hope that this rarely intrepid, mysteriously masked and pathetic marksman is brought to justice.  What we are not going to do is allow the Brown or White Left browbeat us, or you, into believing that this is the common theme in America, or that we are responsible for these crimes.  But what we are going to do is let you know about the Brown Left, who they are, what they have done in India, and why they are your real enemy, not the Brown Hindus who the Left says you should hate. 


If you have been keeping up with Hindus For Trump, or have simply seen anything about the recent shooting of Indian-American engineer Srinivas Kuchibhotla, or this latest shooting in Washington, as a White American you will obviously notice the racist undertone of the Brown Leftists reporting on these incidents.  They have moved here to America, to take American job and teach the American youth, but they have a general disdain for White people as a whole.  According to them, Whites are somehow uniquely racist, uniquely ignorant of other people's cultures and have a shadowy agenda to murder or persecute all non-Whites as a rule of thumb.  Even though the Brown Left fought tooth and nail to come to majority White America, they have little respect for White people, they are mostly interested in demonizing you until your social and perhaps even physical genocide becomes not only desirable but seemingly necessary. 


The brown Left's greatest weapon against you is that they have made you believe they are the largest most solid voice of "Indians", for "South Asians", for all Desis, but they are not.  These Brown Leftists would have you, their White victims believe that when they lived in South Asia they were pillars of society, that they were harmoniously woven into our communities, that they actually cared for the fellow members of their own "race".  Endless streams of Hindus here in America, in the Caribbean, in Africa and in India can tell you otherwise.  These Brown Leftist which are terrorizing you right now, who are seeking to break America apart with racial hatred, they have done far worse to us Brown Hindus in our own lands, they are vampires and parasites upon their own people. 


Here is what White America needs to know about the Brown Left currently eating away at your nation, the Brown Left who are poisoning the minds of your children against you, the Brown Left who are trying to pit Hindus and Whites against each other, you need to know that they play this same game in India. Except in India they don't play the race card, they are in bed with the Islamists. Like you White Americas, the Hindus of India fought against British colonialism, and once we had broken the shackles of this oppression, like you White Americans, we set up a secular democracy with freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of life.  But the Muslims of our race did not do the same. 


Today in India, there is no state religion, but Hindu tax payers are forced to pay for Muslims to go on Hajj to Mecca, the Hajj subsidy.  Today in India, only Hindu temples are under the endowments board, only our temple donations are controlled by the government, Mosques are free to collect funds for themselves and run their own affairs.  Today, in India, Muslims have the right to their own parallel legal systems, they are allowed to implement their own Sharia law to certain degrees within their own communities, this is called "Muslim Personal Law".  These have been the gifts of Hindu tolerance, Hindus pay the price, Muslims get the goods. However you would not believe this, but these very same vicious Brown Leftist who are hounding you right now, they call us "intolerant" and "communal" in India, but Muslims are never intolerant or communal, Muslims can do no wrong. 


These same Brown Leftists who shame the Hindus for their generosity, they never whisper even a peep about the genocides of Brown Hindus taking place just across their borders. India is burdened with two Islamic States on her national boundaries.  To the northwest their is the Islamic State of Pakistan, and to the northeast there is the Islamic State of Bangladesh. Since Pakistan broke from India in 1947 to become an Islamic  State, it has viciously persecuted its minority Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and secularists. In 1947, Hindus made up nearly 22% of the Pakistani population, today they are less than 2%.  Thousands have been executed by Muslim mobs, thousands more have fled to India, never to return.  Every year, nearly 1000 non-Muslim girls are kidnapped, raped and forcibly converted to Islam in Pakistan; the Muslim courts rarely return these underage victims to their families, these poor girls live the rest of their lives as slaves. Hindus in Pakistan are socially and publicly demonized, but the Brown Left in India never calls this intolerant. 


Many of these treasonous Brown Snakes which are wrapping their coils around you come from the Indian state of West Bengal, it is called West Bengal to differentiate it from Bangladesh, which is now an Islamic State. The Brown Leftists of West Bengal do everything they can to make sure their is a permeable border between India and the Islamic State of Bangladesh.  The Brown Leftists of West Bengal encourage illegal Muslim immigration into India because they use these Muslim migrants as their vote bank.  Brown Leftist appeasement of illegal Islamic immigration has led to a swelling of the Muslim population in West Bengal, these Muslims are now turning West Bengal into a new Pakistan where they attack Hindus and destroy their properties on a daily basis. These Islamic migrants are so hateful and jingoistic, and the Brown Leftist government of West Bengal so entwined with them, that the two have come together to ban certain elements of Hindu rituals because they can coincide with Islamic holidays and offend Muslims!  


The Brown Left in India is not only in the business of Islamizing their respective states, and being perennial apologists for Islamic theocracies, but they are also deep in the thick of bashing Hinduism. The equivalent of America's Hollywood is India's Bollywood.  The Brown Leftist infiltrated Indian film industry is notorious for using Muslim actors to denigrate Hinduism on screen. The 2014 film "PK" which stars Muslim actor Aamir Khan, shows great disrespect to Hindu gurus and even features a scene depicting the Hindu god Shiva in a public bathroom. Hindus are tolerant and open minded, people can say and do as they please, but what we don't like is unfair treatment.  The Brown Left in India would never produce a film which mocked Muslim mullahs, they would never ever insult the prophet Muhammad in a film, they would never portray the Muslim god Allah in a lewd or scandalous manner.  No, the Brown Left in India only mocks Hinduism and Hinduism only. They weaken our pluralistic ethos while they flood our nation with the totalitarian ideology of the Islamists. 


Further still, the Brown Left in India go out of their way to pinpoint every past and present indiscretion of Hindus and Hinduism, they seek to shame us for our culture, our religion, our history, but Muslims and Islam are never asked to explain their genocides, their theocracies, their bigoted hate speech.  Hinduism is a fluid and dynamic religion, our civilization is based upon conceptual forces, not rules or dogmas.  We Hindus try to live according to Sanatan Dharma, the eternal way, we try to organize ourselves and align our society with nature.  Because we are not arrogant, because we don't believe we know the only way, we afford each other a great deal of freedom in finding ourselves, in finding the system that works best for us.  Americans know more than anyone else that when you give freedom, you have to accept the fact that some people will make wrong choices.  


Have their been injustices and poor practices developed in the centuries of Hindu history?  Yes, of course there have been, but unlike Muslims and Leftists, we are willing to learn from our mistakes and self-correct.  The "caste systems" (topic for another time) of middle age India are evaporating, Hindus are adjusting to the modern world faster than almost any other culture, but the Brown Left only wants to focus on our past, not on our future.  Unlike the Islamic tyrannies of Pakistan and Afghanistan, Hindus are evolving, but still it is only we who the Brown Left seeks to punish, the Brown Left has no issue with the Islamists, because underneath the Left and the Islamists are one and the same. 


Just look at the outcome of pure Leftism in the USSR, in China, in Cuba, in Venezuela.  The Left has its Marx inspired doctrines and dogmas which it enforces with no less rigor than any Islamic Republic enforces the Koran.  Leftists, like Muslims, cannot bare descent, their system cannot work in the face of diversity of thought and pluralism, so they must crush free expression, they must demonize the Hindu and the American alike.  What the Leftist of any color sees in the Islamist is an ally, because deep down, on the ideological level, they are one and the same, they are both supremacist self-righteous dogmatists. Both of their ideals lead to dictatorship and monoculture, this is why they work together so well. 


But here is what White America needs to know most of all about the Brown Left, these rats don't speak for Brown Hindus or Brown people in general.  When we see the Brown Left in America, we see circus monkeys aping the tactics of their White Leftist counterparts.  When in India, these Brown Leftists used religion to divide the society and make a wedge for totalitarianism, in America, these Brown Leftists are doing the same but using race. These orangutans have no hold over us, they cannot sway us, they cannot lure us into their trap.  We know these people too well, we know the outcome of their games, which is slaughter for the Hindu.  What White America needs to know is that even though the Brown Left is loud and noisy and gaseous, they are not the majority, you have a friend in us Hindus. We have come to America not to destroy it but to contribute to it, to unite with the American people now in their time of need.  You have an ally in the Hindu, let us tell you why. 


Some Westerners many not be familiar with our holy scriptures, but most Americans have probably at least heard of the Bhagavad Gita.  The Gita is a discourse between our lord Krishna and the reluctant warrior Arjun.  Krishna is an avatar (the force incarnated strongly and self aware) of the god Vishnu, the lord of preservation.  Krishna, like all the other avatars or Vishnu, arrives to preserve humanity during its darkest hour, when morality and ethics have declined drastically and the human race is on the verge of destruction.  Krishna needs to push the warrior Arjun to fight, not because Arjun is a coward but because his enemies are his own family members.  Arjun's cousins were the ruling family, and they had become so fallen that they allowed a holy woman named Draupadi to be attacked and insulted in their royal court.  These men who were supposed to uphold the civil order watched and did nothing as a woman was nearly disrobed in their midst.  The gods proclaimed that the society had become so corrupt that the ruling class needed to be wiped out and replaced with a more righteous order.  Krishna had chosen Arjun to accomplish this mission, but Arjun found it hard to war with his own family.  By the end of the Gita, Krishna convinces Arjun that doing what is right and protecting society is more important than family bonds, and so Arjun destroys his wicked cousins.


Like Arjun's relatives, the Brown Left have sat and watched as our people are raped, as Hindus are immiserated in Islamic Republics.  The Brown Left are treasonous not only against us, they are treasonous against secularism, against democracy and against humanity.  Now these parasites have arrived in America and they are here to destroy this nation, using racism as their weapon.  Like Arjun, we follow Krishna's advice, blood is not thicker than water, we will push our relatives aside for the greater good, and we will side with Whites and Blacks and whoever else to do it. There is another moral story which comes to mind, and that is the tale of the Ramayana.  In this epic, a righteous prince named Rama is expelled from his kingdom due to the wicked machinations of his jealous stepmother.  However, Rama is bound to rule, he is bound to restore order, and nothing will stop him.  Rather than sulking because he has lost the help of his countrymen, Rama travels all of India, befriending dozens of races and inducting them into his military.  By the time Rama returns to his kingdom he is followed by a multi-racial army.  Hindus For Trump are like Rama, we will build an alliance on spirit, not race.  


White America needs to know that the Brown Left does not represent India, they don't represent Hindus, they don't represent anyone.  The Brown Left is as treasonous here as they are in India. In America the Brown Left uses racism to divide society, in India the Brown Left uses religion to do the same, but both here and there the Brown Left is allied with Islam.  You don't need to fear the Brown Left, they are a paper tiger.  The Brown Left are hated by their own people, they have condemned millions to death, they are complicit bystanders to the rape of the future.  The Brown Left stands alone, because the Hindu has and always will resonate on higher levels.  Like our heroes Arjun and Rama, we will abandon our own race and work with anyone who is fighting for what is true and right and good in this world. You don't need to fear the Brown Left, you don't need to heed them, because now you have us. 

Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Left needs to stop racially herding Trump supporters

So as we have all heard by now, the White House has officially condemned the killing of Indian engineer Srinivas Kuchibhotla and have labeled the the incident an ‘Act of Racially Motivated Hatred’.  Yes, Adam Purinton, the 51 year old Navy veteran, shot Kuchibholta screaming "get out of my country", yes, obviously this had racialist overtones.  But the Left, who are not liberals, aren't satisfied with the White House statement because it does not suit their agenda to racially herd Hindus back into their non-white corral.  

The Washington Post has written yet another underhanded hit piece against the ideologically and not racially aligned Hindu. The author Barkha Dutt is here to tell all us "Indians" how we are supposed to view our place in not only the Trump age but in the USA in general.   Basically, legal Hindu immigrants who are arriving in the US are automatically supposed to block vote along with illegal immigrants and Muslims because of the color of our skin.  We are supposed to think white Americans are too stupid and ignorant to tell the difference between a Hindu, a Muslim and a Mexican Catholic, because white people and only white people are incapable of distinctive thinking.  Yes, we are being asked to insult the intelligence and integrity of white people so that we can be hemmed in with our "brown" brethren. 

We Hindus are also supposed to be extremely nearsighted when it comes to legal immigration to the United State on H1B visas. Right now the world is going through social and economic crises the likes of which have not been seen in almost a century.  International terrorists come through the gates of every nation on a daily basis and have reaped carnage, running our people over with trucks and raping our children in swimming pools.  The economy has slowed down and it is hard for the immigrants who are here right now to find jobs, but because of the Left's racialist agenda we are supposed to drop our rational minds in regards to security and the economy because we are brown.  We, ourselves are worried about terrorism, we ourselves can see the current economic strain, but you don't want us thinking for ourselves, you want us thinking what you tell us to think. 

The educated Hindu understands that all nations maintain an ebb and flow of immigration depending on circumstances, we all understand that sometimes you need to slow down for a while to adjust. Right now the USA and the West in general is a tinderbox ready to explode, we have Islamic terrorism in our streets and dire financial uncertainty, Hindus who support Trump realize that it is better for immigrants in the long run if we take a little time to adjust.  No one is saying we are going to cut all legal immigration, no one is saying that H1B visas are being cancelled indefinitely, just at this time they are no longer being expedited. This is a policy which can be reversed once things have settled a little. Also, we can take this time to distinguish ourselves as Hindus, we can take this time to show American that Hindus and Muslims are not the same, despite our similar appearance.  Yes, we can carve out our own unique religious identity, something you don't want us to do. 

But the Left does not want to give the Hindus who support Trump any credit, indeed they seek to rob us of our humanity and dignity.  Do you really think that none of us have friends and family in India who want to come to America?  Do you really think that we don't understand that right now their can be confusion between who is a Muslim and who is a Hindu? We work, we go to school, we party in the clubs, we have white friends, black friends, brown friends, yellow friends... but we are supposed to feel that we are safer with browns than whites, automatically.  Do you really think we cannot make our own decision about who is more dangerous to our lives?  You think that you and only you have the answer, the racialist answer, and if we don't agree with your ivory tower opinion than somehow we are misguided. You are haughty and arrogant and out of touch, it sounds like you don't have any non-brown friends at all.

You all howled and screamed because it took so long for the White House to condemn this one act of racially motivated violence among thousands of others, but not one of you ever asked for the White House to condemn the act of the religiously motivated hatred committed by Iftekhar Murtaza (a Muslim), when he murdered the family of his ex-girlfriend (Hindu) because he believed their break up stemmed from the family's religious differences. You would never ask the White House to condemn the murder of Britney Cosby, killed by her Muslim father because she was a Lesbian, no, deadly homophobia needs no condemnation when the perpetrators are Muslims, white or brown. 

The only time we need to condemn any bigotry at all is when it is racial bigotry, white on brown, or at least that is what you tell us.  Oh, but you forget that many many brown Hindus are here in American because they are seeking to escape deadly religious persecution far worse than could ever be cooked up by your local trailer park KKK member.  Hindus from Pakistan understand what it is like to live under an Islamic government, they know what it is like to be systematically persecuted not by the random racist individual but by the Muslim state, run by members of their own race. Islamic bigotry is color blind, it does not care about your race, it only cares about whether you are a believer or not.

The Hindus living in America today, many who have escaped genocides and persecution under Islamic theocracies in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia, they intrinsically understand in a ways you could never imagine that racism is not the only problem on earth, nor is it the biggest.  You don't speak to all Indians, you don't speak to all South Asians, the only people you speak to are yourselves and your cronies who have determined that racism is worse than religious bigotry.  You go out of your way to focus all your time and energy on this one incident, and you think we are so stupid and narrow that we will follow your lead, but no, we understand deeply that this one incident does not define America, it does not define Trump, and it does not negate the horrors we have experienced under brown Islamic rule.

You are assuming that those of us who have fled Muslim inspired genocides to live in America have not made true friendships outside our racial community.  You assume that we have experienced racism here which trumps the nightmares we experienced back home.  Maybe you don't even assume, maybe you are just negating our experience, because our experience has drifted us away from your herd, you cannot push us into your sheep pen.   You know what is happening here, you understand that life has opened our eyes and has forced us to look beyond race.  You know that we can no longer be led by the carrot of short term gains and emotional petting, we have suffered too much, we see the bigger picture and it scares you.

Yes, Hindus and other minorities who support Trump have seen the pitfalls of aligning along racial lines, we lived among people of our own race, who were Muslims, and they tortured us far worse that anything that has or could ever happen in the United States today.  Where were you when Blacks, Hindus and Asians united for Trump in Philadelphia?  Did you even want to know why minorities were breaking with their racial community, why we were looking beyond our race in hopes of creating a better future?  No, you have no respect for us, you have no respect for the minority individual who lives his or her life in their racial community but can see that race is not everything, that race does not make you safe, that race does not uplift you. We have seen that like you, race can betray us. You cannot imagine it, but we are looking beyond Trump, we are looking beyond the next four years, we know we need to break your stranglehold over us and the world. 

If you want to stop racism, than stop racially herding people, stop asking people to negate themselves, their experience and their values and mindlessly align along racial lines.  Brown Hindus in India and Brown Muslims in Pakistan broke along ideological lines, because the Hindus wanted secularism and democracy and the Muslims wanted a chauvinistic theocracy.  South Asians have divided again and again, not over race but religion.  Have you not learned this game already?  Have you not seen that beliefs and aspiration outweigh race every single time?  History has proven that your attempts to racially heard South Asians or anyone else will always fail, it has failed, it has failed harder than any Marx-Leninist regime ever has. You are losers, there will be nothing on your graves except a partition ribbon from the Frankfurt School.

You, you "Indian" brown Leftists, you, the ones who insult every white person by herding them into the pen of "racism" and "ignorance" and "bigotry", you are bringing hate upon yourselves.  You are hated not because of your race but because of your hatred for others, namely anyone who is white or perhaps even not brown at all.  Look around you, have you noticed how much brown Hindus dislike you, have you noticed how much brown Hindus rebuke you for your whoredom and race baiting? Don't you know that millions of brown Hindus view you as the main reason for racism today, not whites?  Yes, we do, you are the problem, you are the reason why there is racism, because you are racist, openly racist. Its always race with you, brown over white, not matter the threat, no matter the heart condition.  

Here is what you need to understand, not that you need to come lecture us on race relations, but that the world is changing, new alliances are forming which transcend race.  The time has already arrived when whites have left the Leftists of their race behind, and browns have abandoned their Leftist racialists as well, we have done this in order to join hands with each other.  Guess what, you have no hold over us, your brown skin says nothing, your mentality is repellent, your trickery is old and played out.  Yes, millions of brown Hindus today could care less that you are about to be washed away with the tide of Islamic terrorism and tyranny, just as millions of whites could care less about the slow demise of the Leftists of their own racial community.  You cannot stop an idea whose time has arrived, ideological alliance now trumps racial alliance, especially in the face of Islamic terrorism and encroaching theocracy. Get up, get wise, get real or be gone, because that is where you are headed anyway.