Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Left needs to stop racially herding Trump supporters

So as we have all heard by now, the White House has officially condemned the killing of Indian engineer Srinivas Kuchibhotla and have labeled the the incident an ‘Act of Racially Motivated Hatred’.  Yes, Adam Purinton, the 51 year old Navy veteran, shot Kuchibholta screaming "get out of my country", yes, obviously this had racialist overtones.  But the Left, who are not liberals, aren't satisfied with the White House statement because it does not suit their agenda to racially herd Hindus back into their non-white corral.  

The Washington Post has written yet another underhanded hit piece against the ideologically and not racially aligned Hindu. The author Barkha Dutt is here to tell all us "Indians" how we are supposed to view our place in not only the Trump age but in the USA in general.   Basically, legal Hindu immigrants who are arriving in the US are automatically supposed to block vote along with illegal immigrants and Muslims because of the color of our skin.  We are supposed to think white Americans are too stupid and ignorant to tell the difference between a Hindu, a Muslim and a Mexican Catholic, because white people and only white people are incapable of distinctive thinking.  Yes, we are being asked to insult the intelligence and integrity of white people so that we can be hemmed in with our "brown" brethren. 

We Hindus are also supposed to be extremely nearsighted when it comes to legal immigration to the United State on H1B visas. Right now the world is going through social and economic crises the likes of which have not been seen in almost a century.  International terrorists come through the gates of every nation on a daily basis and have reaped carnage, running our people over with trucks and raping our children in swimming pools.  The economy has slowed down and it is hard for the immigrants who are here right now to find jobs, but because of the Left's racialist agenda we are supposed to drop our rational minds in regards to security and the economy because we are brown.  We, ourselves are worried about terrorism, we ourselves can see the current economic strain, but you don't want us thinking for ourselves, you want us thinking what you tell us to think. 

The educated Hindu understands that all nations maintain an ebb and flow of immigration depending on circumstances, we all understand that sometimes you need to slow down for a while to adjust. Right now the USA and the West in general is a tinderbox ready to explode, we have Islamic terrorism in our streets and dire financial uncertainty, Hindus who support Trump realize that it is better for immigrants in the long run if we take a little time to adjust.  No one is saying we are going to cut all legal immigration, no one is saying that H1B visas are being cancelled indefinitely, just at this time they are no longer being expedited. This is a policy which can be reversed once things have settled a little. Also, we can take this time to distinguish ourselves as Hindus, we can take this time to show American that Hindus and Muslims are not the same, despite our similar appearance.  Yes, we can carve out our own unique religious identity, something you don't want us to do. 

But the Left does not want to give the Hindus who support Trump any credit, indeed they seek to rob us of our humanity and dignity.  Do you really think that none of us have friends and family in India who want to come to America?  Do you really think that we don't understand that right now their can be confusion between who is a Muslim and who is a Hindu? We work, we go to school, we party in the clubs, we have white friends, black friends, brown friends, yellow friends... but we are supposed to feel that we are safer with browns than whites, automatically.  Do you really think we cannot make our own decision about who is more dangerous to our lives?  You think that you and only you have the answer, the racialist answer, and if we don't agree with your ivory tower opinion than somehow we are misguided. You are haughty and arrogant and out of touch, it sounds like you don't have any non-brown friends at all.

You all howled and screamed because it took so long for the White House to condemn this one act of racially motivated violence among thousands of others, but not one of you ever asked for the White House to condemn the act of the religiously motivated hatred committed by Iftekhar Murtaza (a Muslim), when he murdered the family of his ex-girlfriend (Hindu) because he believed their break up stemmed from the family's religious differences. You would never ask the White House to condemn the murder of Britney Cosby, killed by her Muslim father because she was a Lesbian, no, deadly homophobia needs no condemnation when the perpetrators are Muslims, white or brown. 

The only time we need to condemn any bigotry at all is when it is racial bigotry, white on brown, or at least that is what you tell us.  Oh, but you forget that many many brown Hindus are here in American because they are seeking to escape deadly religious persecution far worse than could ever be cooked up by your local trailer park KKK member.  Hindus from Pakistan understand what it is like to live under an Islamic government, they know what it is like to be systematically persecuted not by the random racist individual but by the Muslim state, run by members of their own race. Islamic bigotry is color blind, it does not care about your race, it only cares about whether you are a believer or not.

The Hindus living in America today, many who have escaped genocides and persecution under Islamic theocracies in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia, they intrinsically understand in a ways you could never imagine that racism is not the only problem on earth, nor is it the biggest.  You don't speak to all Indians, you don't speak to all South Asians, the only people you speak to are yourselves and your cronies who have determined that racism is worse than religious bigotry.  You go out of your way to focus all your time and energy on this one incident, and you think we are so stupid and narrow that we will follow your lead, but no, we understand deeply that this one incident does not define America, it does not define Trump, and it does not negate the horrors we have experienced under brown Islamic rule.

You are assuming that those of us who have fled Muslim inspired genocides to live in America have not made true friendships outside our racial community.  You assume that we have experienced racism here which trumps the nightmares we experienced back home.  Maybe you don't even assume, maybe you are just negating our experience, because our experience has drifted us away from your herd, you cannot push us into your sheep pen.   You know what is happening here, you understand that life has opened our eyes and has forced us to look beyond race.  You know that we can no longer be led by the carrot of short term gains and emotional petting, we have suffered too much, we see the bigger picture and it scares you.

Yes, Hindus and other minorities who support Trump have seen the pitfalls of aligning along racial lines, we lived among people of our own race, who were Muslims, and they tortured us far worse that anything that has or could ever happen in the United States today.  Where were you when Blacks, Hindus and Asians united for Trump in Philadelphia?  Did you even want to know why minorities were breaking with their racial community, why we were looking beyond our race in hopes of creating a better future?  No, you have no respect for us, you have no respect for the minority individual who lives his or her life in their racial community but can see that race is not everything, that race does not make you safe, that race does not uplift you. We have seen that like you, race can betray us. You cannot imagine it, but we are looking beyond Trump, we are looking beyond the next four years, we know we need to break your stranglehold over us and the world. 

If you want to stop racism, than stop racially herding people, stop asking people to negate themselves, their experience and their values and mindlessly align along racial lines.  Brown Hindus in India and Brown Muslims in Pakistan broke along ideological lines, because the Hindus wanted secularism and democracy and the Muslims wanted a chauvinistic theocracy.  South Asians have divided again and again, not over race but religion.  Have you not learned this game already?  Have you not seen that beliefs and aspiration outweigh race every single time?  History has proven that your attempts to racially heard South Asians or anyone else will always fail, it has failed, it has failed harder than any Marx-Leninist regime ever has. You are losers, there will be nothing on your graves except a partition ribbon from the Frankfurt School.

You, you "Indian" brown Leftists, you, the ones who insult every white person by herding them into the pen of "racism" and "ignorance" and "bigotry", you are bringing hate upon yourselves.  You are hated not because of your race but because of your hatred for others, namely anyone who is white or perhaps even not brown at all.  Look around you, have you noticed how much brown Hindus dislike you, have you noticed how much brown Hindus rebuke you for your whoredom and race baiting? Don't you know that millions of brown Hindus view you as the main reason for racism today, not whites?  Yes, we do, you are the problem, you are the reason why there is racism, because you are racist, openly racist. Its always race with you, brown over white, not matter the threat, no matter the heart condition.  

Here is what you need to understand, not that you need to come lecture us on race relations, but that the world is changing, new alliances are forming which transcend race.  The time has already arrived when whites have left the Leftists of their race behind, and browns have abandoned their Leftist racialists as well, we have done this in order to join hands with each other.  Guess what, you have no hold over us, your brown skin says nothing, your mentality is repellent, your trickery is old and played out.  Yes, millions of brown Hindus today could care less that you are about to be washed away with the tide of Islamic terrorism and tyranny, just as millions of whites could care less about the slow demise of the Leftists of their own racial community.  You cannot stop an idea whose time has arrived, ideological alliance now trumps racial alliance, especially in the face of Islamic terrorism and encroaching theocracy. Get up, get wise, get real or be gone, because that is where you are headed anyway. 


  1. Totally agree. Please keep up the great articles. These are challenging times, when Hindus and Sikhs are being mistaken for Muslims in some cases. However, we should not be fooled into standing in solidarity with a destructive and bigoted belief system which did immense harm to our own ancestors.

  2. Great article. You have strength and the left doesn't see that.

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