Saturday, February 25, 2017

"Hindus For Trump" is an antidote to racism

This week, the detractors of the "Hindus For Trump" movement believe they have found their smoking gun, their evidence that the Trump administration and white America are basically racist, that all "Indians" are in danger of a genocidal backlash, and that all brown people, no matter their background or beliefs, should unite along racial lines rather than align with like-minded people who may not share their skin color. On February 22nd, a white navy veteran shot and killed Indian-American Srinivas Kuchibhotla in a bar in Kansas, screaming "get out of my country". So what has the analysis of the mostly left, mostly white and Indian, and mostly Islamic sympathetic opinion sphere been on this incident?  

According to the Huffington Post, "Indian-Americans" need to realize that their median incomes will not protect them from violence. According to Scroll India, Hindus For Trump is actually a quest for "whiteness", and that we Hindus have only aligned with Trump because we are all "Brahmans" who are racist elitist assholes. There is no room for nuance in this analysis, Hindus who have supported Trump are simply wannabe whites who are very snooty due to their high levels of education and employment.  We are all supposed to wake up now and realize that we should be aligning along racial lines, not ideological lines, and that we Hindus and only we Hindus need to stop hitching ourselves to mindless supremacist movements.  The other side will tell you we have absolutely no logical reason to accept some of the baggage that comes along with aligning with the Republican party, according to our opposition we have simply all been brainwashed into leaving behind our peaceful and cohesive Muslim-Hindu racial community which is where we supposedly really belong and are the safest.

First let's make something obvious, every Hindu in American who is making any political decision knows that there is some risk involved.  Does every single Hindu involved in the Hindus For Trump movement know that there are racist elements in the Republican party that would like to see all non-whites and non-Christians deported or killed?  Yes, of course we do, we live in this world the same as you do.  But what you are not giving us is the respect to even think that we have sat and thought and discussed these issues and determined, for ourselves, that the benefits of supporting Trump and the Republican party far outweigh simply aligning ourselves along racial lines, mindlessly flocking with other members of our skin color despite their way of life, their history, their ideology and their ultimate destiny.

Yes, of course we view the death of Srinivas Kuchibhotla as a horrible tragedy, but this tragedy was not caused because Hindus supported Trump, nor are we or Trump responsible for fanning the flames of hatred.  Perhaps if you would take a moment to think about the rational reasons why so many Hindus campaigned for Trump, you would see that it is not us but the Islamists who are responsible for bringing hatred upon themselves.  So how is it that so many brown Hindus would be so willing and eager to break with the Muslim members of their racial community and join with the not so white, not so Christian Trump administration, despite the fact that such an alliance comes with its own risks?  All any Indian need do is look at their own history to see that race has never protected Hindus from Islamic aggression. Muslims don't follow racial lines, they follow ideological lines, and so do we.

Who was it that invaded Hindu majority South Asia between 1200 and 1600 and mass-murdered nearly 80 million Hindus?  Who was it that established theocratic tyrannies over Hindus, forcing them to convert or live in a state of dhimmitude, paying humiliating taxes to their overlords?  Who was it that ransacked Hindu temples for no other reason than to destroy and desecrate the holy sites of the "idolaters"?  Who gave us the name "Hindu Kush" (Hindu slaughter) for the mountain regions in Afghanistan and Pakistan which are ruled over by Islamic tyrannies today? Were these the legacies of white America and the Trump administration?  No, everyone knows these histories and worse were provided to the brown South Asian Hindu not by the Republican party but by brown Muslims of divergent values.  Yet, we are expected to believe we are automatically safer with our own skin color, despite the fact that history has proven to us otherwise.

Oh, but that is all history says the modern so-called "liberal", let's talk about this white on brown shooting that just happened today, and the racist overtones associated with it.  Yes, let's talk about today.  Today, right now, millions of Hindus suffer under brutal Muslim regimes in the Islamic States of Pakistan and Bangladesh.  When India and Pakistan/Bangladesh separated in 1947, Hindu majority India created a secular democracy where anyone could become president and all religions were granted equal protection under that law.  Muslim majority Pakistan became a Muslim state, where only a Muslim could become president, which is still the case today.  Today, it is estimated that nearly 1000 non-Muslims underage girls are kidnapped, raped and forcibly converted to Islam every year in the nation of Pakistan, and even when these adolescents are found and their identity and age proven, rarely if ever do any of Pakistan's Islamic courts return these girls to their parents. The majority of them live out the rest of their lives as sex slaves and baby-making machines for their older Muslim "husbands".  

Right now, today, Pakistan still teaches curriculum from state produced textbooks which demonize Hindus as the "enemies of Islam", forces Ahmadis to register their religion on their passports, and sentences non-Muslims to death for "blasphemy".  Right now, today, Hindus and other non-Muslims are viciously persecuted and murdered in the Islamic state of Bangladesh. Last year saw broad daylight Muslim inspired murders of Hindu and Buddhists priests, shopkeepers and academics, Christian church goers and gay rights activists within Bangladesh.  In 2015-2016, hundreds of Hindu temples, homes and businesses were burnt to the ground, hundreds of underage Hindu girls were either kidnapped, assaulted or gang raped. All of this is brown on brown crime, Muslim on Hindu crime, yet we are supposed to align along racial lines and not with those who share our understanding of the threat posed by Islamic governance and jihad ideology, namely white and non-white Republicans.  

Let's also not forget that not all Muslims, not all proponents of Sharia law, and not all Muslim terrorists are brown. Remember Samantha Lewthwaite, the British "White Widow" Muslim convert who is accused of being responsible for the deaths of nearly 400 people?  What about Matthew Newton, the white British man who was arrested for recruiting young men to fight for the Taliban? What about the fact that nearly 40% of all arrests for terrorism charges involve those who have converted to Islam? You are asking brown Hindus to align with Muslims because we supposedly share the same skin color, but what about white Muslims, are we obligated to align with them as well? And what about when Muslim terrorists kill other non-whites and non-Muslims, such as we saw in the 2015 San Bernardino attack.  Brown on brown crime, if committed for religious reasons, is not as heinous as white on brown crime if committed for racist reasons?  Religious bigotry is just as dangerous as racial bigotry, plain and simple. 

The Republican party has no racial or religious platform, it has no immutable constitution, it is a fluid organization with a history of fighting racism and slavery.  Republican means just that, it means we support a Republic, a nation of laws which protects citizens from tyrannies, and not all Republics are white or Christian, Rome was a Republic. Right now, the Republican party under Donald Trump is the only viable party in the United States which has the determination to protect brown Hindus, white Hindus, black Hindus and all Americans from the invasive and militant ideology of Islam.  Islam is not just a religion, it is also a legal system, a political system which currently runs more than 50 countries across the globe, nations where non-Muslims suffer routine discrimination and genocide. There is no difference in aligning with the Republican party to thwart Communist aggression vs aligning with them to thwart Islamic aggression; both Islam and Communism are non-racial dictatorial political systems, the only difference is that Islam is theistic and Communism is not. 

Then there is this nagging accusation that we are only working with Trump and the Republicans because we want to be white, because we think that is the white thing to do.  So what about all you brown people on the left, with the Democrats, who voted for Hillary... have you not noticed that your party is also mostly white?  What kind of clothes do you wear?  What kind of TV shows do you watch?  What do you do to fit into white society?  You're not wearing bindis, saris or dhotis, your not shunning the all-white cast of Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings to watch the latest Mahabarat serial, your not bringing Telugu or Tamil language courses to your prestigious Western universities. The ideologies you use to try to attack us, your critical theory, your Marx-Leninism, your postmodernism, these are all the products of white minds, the trends of the white youth.  You talk white, walk white, dress white, think white and fight white, you condemn us for working to preserve the heritage of Hinduism which was produced form brown minds, and then you say we want to be white?  The pot is calling the kettle black. Your hypocritical and perverted self-serving strategy stands exposed for all honest, unbiased and impartial minds to see. 

The title of this article is "Hindus For Trump is an antidote to racism"; Hindus For Trump was started to show America, to show the world, that Hindus don't think along racial lines, we think along logical and humanitarian lines.  Now that the world is reeling from the rise of ISIS, from deadly Muslim terror attacks here and in Europe, from the growing knowledge of the barbaric Islamic legal system known as Sharia, now more than ever it is important for Hindus to prove that we don't condone these crimes because the perpetrators are brown. We side with secularism and democracy, even if the champions of these freedoms are white, black, red or yellow, even if we must break with our race to join the greater humanity.  

Hindus For Trump has shown people of every race that we as Hindus transcend ethnicity, we believe in higher ideals that unite the whole world.  If you want to blame someone for racism, blame yourselves, because it is you who are trying to lump all "Indians" together, it is you who care more about the color of the skin than the content of the character.  You are forcing a false South Asian identity and you are diluting the true spiritual expression of the "Indian" ethos which is pluralistic Hinduism, not imperialistic and insular Islam. Race means nothing, beliefs and actions means everything, that is what we are demonstrating.  What you are showing the world is that it doesn't matter how tyrannical the governmental system, it doesn't matter how barbaric the crimes, it doesn't matter what threat it poses to secularism and democracy, as long as it is brown, your defending it, because you are brown, and that is all you care about. Hinduism is a way of life, not a race, you have sold yourselves short with your racialist agenda, you will not bring us down with you. Truth Trumps Falsehood. 


  1. This is spot on, and should be published in every major newspaper and news site. Thank you for all you are doing.

  2. This article doesn't make sense. Any movement that is based on the hatred towards a group of people will eventually come back and haunt you.

    Hindus for trump has always been an anti-Islamic group feeding as a child of the parent trump nationalist group. It will work as long as the trump administration is sympathetic to hindus. However, as with any hate group, it can only sustain if the parent group find more targets to hate in its natonalist agenda; Mexicans, Transgenders, Asians in tech, and now brown people.

    So my advise as a conservative indian american, is make this group based on values of conservative fiscal policies rather than a anti-Muslim rhetoric.

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