Thursday, October 12, 2017

Trump, Hindus and Ezidis unite for Nebraska elections

Due to the fact that Hindus are traditionally (but not always) racial minorities, who have a track record of voting Democrat, and who are known to donate and volunteer for political campaigns in record numbers, when "Hindus For Trump" launched we and the Hindu community gained much political notoriety which had not been experienced previously. However, around the same time, we also launched our sister organization, "Ezidis For Trump", and despite the fact that we tried our best to gain attention for this cause, it never got any coverage above facebook and twitter comments, but why?


For those who have been following Middle East politics over the past few year, most specifically the rise of the "Islamic State" in Iraq, it would be difficult to have missed the world coverage placed upon the Ezidi People as they were and still are slated for extermination by the Radical Islamic regime. Ezidi (or Yazidi/Yezidi) is the name of a small 1 million strong ethnic population from northern Iraq who practice a religion called Yazdanism.  Traditionally, one can only be born an Ezidi as the religion is tribal, itself divided by three birth based castes.

The Ezidi have their own unique religion, however, it is admittedly a combination of several other religions, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism and ancient Middle Easter Paganism. The Ezidi have two holy book, the Black Book and the Book of Revelation, these books teach the Ezidi to gather knowledge from the Bible, Torah and Koran, but also to learn idolatry from Pagans.  The Ezidi cosmic kingdom is ruled by 7 angels, the most powerful being Melek Taus, an angel who comes in the form of a peacock.  Ezidi lore states that the Peacock Angel came to the Ezidi when they traveled to India during a time of calamity, and that upon their return Melek Taus became their prime  deity. 


Due to the fact that the Ezidi use Idols in worship and because many Abrahamic theologians identify their god Melek Taus with the Biblical Satan, the Ezidi have traditionally been called "Devil Worshipers" by outsiders; this is why ISIS has vowed to exterminate the Ezidi people, it is also why the Ezidi and Hindus have developed such a strong bond.  While the Ezidi are of course being slaughtered in record numbers in Northern Iraq, perhaps even worse is the large scale kidnapping, rape and sex slaving of their young daughters.  Because Ezidis are not considered "People of the Book" (Jew and Christians), according to Islamic scholars, like "pagan" Hindus, the Ezidi are open game, ripe for limitless pillaging.  

Ezidi girls and women share a common bond with the Hindu women of Pakistan and Bangladesh, they are subjected to the most barbaric forms of sexual degradation, including being sold naked in the streets, beatings, rape and torture.  When world Hindus saw the plight of the Ezidi, isolated, trapped, starving to death, watching as their sons were murdered and daughters stolen away, the Hindu heart went out to the Ezidi. Hindus and Ezidis united together outside the White House to pray for US intervention and a refugee program; Hindus also sent thousands of pounds of supplies to Northern Iraq and payed for Ezidi leaders to tour India. Thus was born a new alliance, however, under the Obama administration, nothing could and nothing did happen to save the Ezidis, or Hindus for that matter.

It should'nt be a shock to anyone that when the 2016 election candidates came around, once Trump announced his plans to crush ISIS, the Ezidid embraced him in mass, however, there are only approximately a little more than 2,000 Ezidi families living in the USA, and they are mostly concentrated in Nebraska, thus the "Ezidis For Trump" campaign fell short of gaining media attention. Also, the Ezidi accused the mainstream media of purposely blacklisting the Ezidi campaign for Trump so as not to give Trump his due minority credits. The end result of all this has been that the world has since forgotten about the Ezidi and their torture and their annihilation continues in North Iraq, and still there is no program to ensure their national sovereignty or any refugee program. 


Both Hindus and Ezidis believe in Karma and Reincarnation, we both know that no effort goes unnoticed, and just when it seems that all hope has been lost, now that the Ezidis are media pariahs, now that the initial enthusiasm to save them has worn off... now is the time when a new and more sturdy alliance between Ezidis and Hindus has begun to rise.  In the wake of the 2016 elections, due to the tremendous support Trump received from the Hindu community, he officially endorsed the American Hindu Coalition, a Washington DC based lobby group with incredibly growing membership and clout. Trump Team's official involvement with the group makes it highly influential and gives it muscle power. Hindus for Trump and Ezidis for Trump have contacted the American Hindu Coalition with a new plan, and they have accepted it!  All we need to do now is gain support among Ezidis and Hindus. 

  • Ezidis are most concentrated in the state of Nebraska. Neither Hindus nor Ezidis in this state have enough numbers to make a viable vote bank, but together, they can change elections, and that means power. The plan is to create a Nebraska Hindu-Ezidi Coalition (NHEC) to engage with local leaders and the federal government though the American Hindu Coalition.
  • The NHEC will work together to spread awareness of both the Hindu and Ezidi cultures and religions, as well as their shared plight of living under Islamic theocracy, the Ezidis under the Islamic State and the Hindus under Bangladesh and Pakistan.
  • The NHEC will work to build the first Ezidi Temple in the USA, a Temple which highlights some of the Hindu origins of the Ezidi Religion.
  • The NHEC will launch the world's first Ezidi Nationalist organization, a movement to return the land of Northern Iraq to the Ezidi people where they can exist as a sovereign Ethno-State with close ties to both the USA and India.  We will also push to establish an official refugee program to bring all endangered Ezidis to the USA with the aim of returning them to their homeland. 
  • Finally, the NHEC will prepare for the 2020 election and insure that the "Ezidis For Trump" brand cannot be negated by the mainstream media, we will insure that Trump can count on the Hindus/Ezidis of Nebraska to deliver him a 2nd win. 


If you believe in this plan, all you need to do is share this article, the rest is already in the works. The Hindu-Ezidi bond is already there, it's been there since the start, what we didn't have was official support.  If we want to get we have to give, we need to be ready to put our resources out first, in Nebraska that means our voting and cultural resources.  Trump is president yes, but he is still vulnerable and he needs all the allies he can get. An Ezidi-Hindu voting block in the heartland is sure to get the right attention, and a helping hand in return.  Let's make history, let's get an Ezidi State in Iraq with military and trade ties to the USA and India, not to mention saving the Ezidis from extermination... which politician would not want that under their hat? 

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